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Infinite Availability

Deploy Athena AI to initiate chats, answer queries and ask questions to advance customer journeys with an unmatched level of sophistication and precision. Conversational Bot can answer intricate questions without losing the human touch. Handle large volumes of every day queries and free up your teams for high-value interactions.

Benefits of Conversational Bot



Customers can skip queues and get answers to questions in real-time.



Reduces user workload from repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on the most important interactions



Use Flow to plan your Athena AI Journey

Be Online 24/7

Be Online 24/7

Active 24/7 and handle infinite number of interactions at once, across the globe

Conversational Bot

24/7 Instant customer care

Thousands of potential customers browse your website every day, why not say “Hello” with instant notification features and turn traffic into customers? Deploy AI to answer questions and handle large volumes of queries, with the ability to easily escalate to a person when needed.

Customer service teams can utilise Flow to create seamless end-to-end customer journeys with AI tools. Create instant access self-service tools which route to knowledge articles, additional information or fast track to a human when needed. Send attachments including documents, invoices and images through the Live Chat interface to give your customers the instant information they require.

Let Athena AI Handle The Conversation For You

Athena AI can be deployed to initiate chats, answer common queries and ask questions to advance customer journeys.

Intelligent routing with Flow

Build highly personalised customer journeys with Flow as Athena AI swiftly routes customers to the answers they need.

The Power Of Streamlined Data

Our AI can continuously learn from a variety of data sources; FAQs, email archives, chat transcripts, and your own website, to ensure you stay current.

Conversational Bot

Live Chat like you’ve never experienced it before

  • Always on hand. Athena AI Conversational Bot is available 24/7 to service your global client base without taking a minutes break
  • Endlessly scalable interaction handling to service multiple customers at once
  • AI with the power to understand individual preferences for high personalised customer journeys

"We've gone from strength to strength and expanded more and more with being 100% on the Connex Platform. To be able to move from Email to live chat means better Customer service all round."

Daryl Firmani

Head of Distributions Operations

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