Athena AI

The Future of Customer Experience

Athena AI: Putting the ‘art’ into ‘Artificial Intelligence’


Discover Athena AI, Connex’s innovative AI designed to reshape customer engagement. Athena AI’s flagship features – AI Agent, AI Guru, AI Analytics, Automatic Speech Recognition & Text-To-Speech – redefine the possibilities of communication by enhancing internal processes and transforming interactions.


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AI Agent

Revolutionise your business

Businesses can leverage AI Agent to automate repetitive tasks, handle both complex inbound and outbound enquiries, and provide instant, round-the-clock support across voice and digital channels. This not only frees up critical financial resources but also ensures a more efficient allocation of human agents. With advanced AI capabilities, the AI Agent fosters personalised interactions, reduces response times, and enhances overall customer satisfaction, enabling companies to maintain a personal touch without increasing workforce costs.

AI Guru

Your Intelligent Co-pilot

AI Guru is your revolutionary internal assistant, designed to streamline user communications and boost productivity. AI Guru transforms how teams operate when interacting with customers, offering instant access to practical knowledge, advanced conversational capabilities, and unparalleled support.

AI Analytics

Supporting Data-Driven Decision Making with AI

Streamline customer support with AI-transcribed analytics tailored to your business. By analysing voice and digital interactions, AI Analytics provides insights on sentiment, key phrases, and data capture, enabling informed decisions. Understand underlying issues to forecast support needs, optimise resources, and enhance efficiency. Integrating with Connex modules, AI Analytics offers data-driven insights for refining strategies and improving decision-making and business processes.

Athena AI LLM

Information you control

Effortlessly train your AI Agent by providing them with contextual information sources and documentation, transforming them into knowledgeable and contextually aware team members.

AI Voice

Empower Your Brand with Customisable Voice Solutions

With sophisticated linguistic programming tailored to your brand’s tone of voice, formality, and language requirements, Athena AI’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) solutions seamlessly integrate with your business. By creating authentic AI voices that match or enhance your brand identity, Athena AI ensures consistent and engaging customer interactions.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Never miss a word

Athena AI stays updated and adapted to new products, services, and customer needs more quickly than retraining a large workforce. This flexibility is crucial for interaction routing within businesses that needs to stay competitive and responsive to market changes.

"Sentiment analysis and Quality AI derive deep levels of insight from our customers and add real value. The core element our clients ask for is insight - and we have that in spades."

Craig Winnard

Group Commercial Director

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