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All your events organised in one place

Plan with purpose

Build an employee-focused culture. Improve staff retention and performance by letting your team view and manage their own shift patterns. The Connex Calendar isn’t just limited to your front-line team members: multiple departments throughout your business can make use of the self-service holiday request feature with automated approval flows, drastically reducing admin time.

Benefits of Calendar



Manage training and shift patterns



Find where time can be optimised



Support regulatory compliance


Manage your Workforce with ease

We designed the Workforce Calendar with the user experience in mind. With a couple of clicks, you can add meetings, tasks and more to your teams when needed. Managers can access real-time (and retrospective) attendance statistics, performance metrics and schedule in compulsory training sessions to easily manage and move resources as needed.

Schedule your events

The widget panel shows a list of upcoming events, with actionable options.

Team Management

View attendance statistics and quickly set up training sessions. Managers can also monitor campaigns to easily move resources where they’re needed.

Book holidays & overtime for your teams

Pop-up notifications will keep you abreast with all changes and potential disruptions to your workforce. Book Annual Leaves, navigate Bank Holidays, and manage sick days and overtime for your teams.

Highly customisable

We ensure to cover everything you need to create an event.

Always on time

Plan ahead with Calendar

  • Consolidate multiple platforms with one interface for all departments.
  • Improved visibility for meetings, holidays, training sessions and much more.
  • Set notifications and reminders to make quick, effective changes.
  • Real-time reporting and overview for a holistic view of teams working hours and overtime to see your top and bottom performers.

"From a CCR point of view, the interface is really easy to use and to navigate. It helps you manage your own time effectively. From a senior's perspective, it is really good because you get to see a clear visual on what the other guys are doing, which then makes it easy to work around."

Donna Andrews

Dialler & WFM Manager

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