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Unite your customers with valuable offers

Powerful rules engine behind each purchase

Build complex rulesets to shape the foundations of your user’s interactions ensuring they’re always offering the best possible price on items. Bespoke pricing matrix settings will allow you to create rules based on discounted amount of the item or total discount of the basket.

Benefits of Pricing Matrix



High efficiency and precision



Increased compliance and auditing with better business agility



Reduced costs and time



Increase sales ensuring best possible price

Pricing Matrix

Enhance your bottom line

Form product rules allow you to automatically adjust prices and quantities of Shopping Cart products and basket totals whenever a condition is met. For instance, you could create a rule that applies a discount when a voucher is added, changes the price of a food item based on its size or topping, or add a free product if the total order is above a certain amount.

Choose A Product

Pick a product and set your parameters. Users will always have visibility of the most up-to-date offerings for each product.

Select An Operator

Connect your matrix by adding an operator. This will allow you to make several rules for one product for example.

Pick An Input

Set rules for each product. e.g. the t-shirt on sale must be XL size to qualify for the sale.

Create An Outcome

The last step of the process is to set the deal, discount you want to offer for the connected product.

Sales You Can Count On

Why use Pricing Matrix?

  • High efficiency and precision formatting for reliable sales and forecasting
  • Increased Compliance and Auditing with better business agility to meet market demand
  • Ensure the right product is sold to the right customer with the opportunity to increase sales and impact your bottom line

"My sales have definitely increased with Connex. It helps breakdown whether there is more opportunity to sell which helps you know where to upsell."

Donna Andrews

WFM / Dialler Manager

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