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Automatic Speech Recognition


With 99% accuracy, Athena AI can scale easily to handle varying call volumes without the need for additional staff. Easily manage workforce during peak times or in response to specific events or promotions that lead to increased call traffic.

Benefits of Automatic Speech Recognition

No code

No code

No code needed, drag-and-drop elements to build even the most complex of workflows



Athena AI will transcribe and summarise entire conversation in seconds

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Promotes customer self-service to speed up interaction resolution time



Decreased billable hours can improve productivity and provide a more streamlined workflow for the entire team

Automatic Speech Recognition

Handle interactions, or direct calls to the right users

Athena AI stays updated and adapted to new products, services, and customer needs more quickly than retraining a large workforce. This flexibility is crucial for interaction routing within businesses that needs to stay competitive and responsive to market changes.

Industry-leading quality of care

Instead of spending time sorting through mundane requests or reviewing information, voice technologies can allow you to truly be present with your customers that need you 24/7 365 days a year.

Automate your customer service needs

Combine historic insights with carefully crafted speech patterns and sensibilities to represent your company with voice prompts based on expected enquiries, freeing up vital human resources.

Instant data capture across digital channels

Craft your speech recognition with remarkable precision. Customise confidence scores, customer journeys, and intents to engage customers in a manner tailored to both them and your business needs.

Multilingual capabilities and enhanced voice assistance

Communicate with a variety of customers via channels and mannerisms most suited to them, boosting customer satisfaction. Prime your Athena AI ASR assistant for use at times that are conducive to providing the most personal level of support, fostering positive customer attitudes with your responsiveness.

Resource savings

Anticipate and respond to enquiries in a timely, accurate and realistic manner, whilst being empowered to reallocate staff and other resources, saving time and money alongside improving consistency and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Connect with your customers

Advantages of Automatic Speech Recognition:


  • Simplicity

    Build comprehensive IVR menus with simple drag-and-drop widgets

  • Personal

    Select from both digital and voice-based input to maintain security and personalise interactions

  • Consistency

    Manage communication with customers to support brand identity and consistency in support

"The area where we think we're going to be able to have the best cost savings is really going to be around using AI as an outbound sales force."

Harley Allaby

Director of Operations | Exact Medicare

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