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Review, Mark, Achieve

Maximise quality throughout your business

Connex’s Quality AI feature is designed with flexibility in mind. Create custom scorecards to mark interactions in the Assessment Centre, or let our state-of-the-art AI handle it for you.

With intricate scoring metrics, transcription services and AI Speech analytics; Connex’s Quality AI offers deeper layers of user analysis and customer understanding than ever before.

Benefits of Assessment Centre



Detailed feedback team and individual performance



Streamlined customer engagement 



Assess 20x more interactions than a manual process

Assessment Centre

Organise interactions for analysis

Take the stress out of quality assessment. With Connex’s Assessment Centre managers can easily listen to calls, read transcripts, and mark interactions with our cutting-edge learning system. You can also customise scorecards to gain more control over your monitoring and feedback.


Have AI mark calls automatically or do it manually for increased visibility.

Monitor It All On Your Dashboard

Have full visibility of your performance at a glance from the dashboard. Quickly see where you can improve your strategies.

Data Driven QM

Optimise your contact centre

  • Identify and predict interaction volumes and key trends with the ability to maneuver resource accordingly.
  • Get detailed overviews of your team’s performance.
  • Monitor in a completely customisable dashboard.

"Walking through our call centre, looking at Connex is one of my favourite things. It's beautiful, agents love using it, it's simple and there's always new features."

Sebastien Alexanderson

National Debt Advisors

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