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Create an empowered, self-motivated workforce with Connex’s Gamify module. Teams and individuals collect coins with customisable metrics and cash in for bespoke prizes. Set goals for what matters to your business most: closing a sale, completing a training guide or hitting an SLA.

Benefits of Shop



Boost motivation with rewards and prizes



Recognition for team performance



A sense of autonomy and choice

Gamify Shop

Create a rewarding work environment

With an intuitive tile format, users are visually motivated to continually hit KPIs and save up for their desired prize.

Managers have access to intricate inventory management tools to help keep track of stock and approve requests.


Spend In Store With Digital Currency

Add any products you want to keep your users motivated. Whether it’s a day off, the latest tech or a fun novelty item, the options are endless with bespoke fields.

Track And Manage Orders

Managers can approve the purchase of big ticket items, ensuring fair distribution, control over stock levels and pricing.

Strategic spending with Gamify Wallet

Users can forecast how much they’ll need to save for their must-have prize. With full itemised transaction history, they can keep tabs on their favourite items and earn coins with streaks and bonuses to ensure it’s theirs.

Gamify Shop

Hit KPIs to win a prize

  • Increase productivity with prize-based incentives
  • Utilise digital currency to generate reports and oversee team spending and product inventory
  • Manage and approve orders in one centralised platform

"Gamify. It empowers our people, creates career progression and a fun environment. Nothing drives sales people like other good sales people, if you can have 100 people on a leader board and you're on top you're king of world”

Sebastian Alexanderson

CEO & Founder

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