[Webinar] BPOs: Staying Competitive with AI

A deeper look at the underlying workings and applications of AI for BPOs

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BPOs – Staying Competitive with AI


Are you curious about how AI is revolutionizing the BPO landscape?

In our most recent webinar, we sat down with Leo Lopez, co-founder of Calltastic, to unravel the mysteries behind AI’s impact on BPO competitiveness.



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Leo Lopez, with over 27 years of experience in contact center operations, led us through an engaging discussion on how AI is reshaping BPO dynamics, including its impact on customer experience, staff augmentation, and operational efficiency.


What you’ll learn in this session:

  1. How AI is reshaping BPO operations in 2024 and beyond
  2. Balancing automation with human touch for superior customer experience
  3. Practical tips for selecting the right technology platform
  4. Legal considerations and compliance in AI-driven BPO environments



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