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AI Guru


Empower your teams with AI Guru, the intelligent in-house coach designed to streamline user processes and boost productivity.

Benefits of AI Guru



Improve user output quality to ensure you’re getting the most out of your workforce



 Instantly access information with integrated knowledge bases



AI-driven prompts for optimized interactions and success in support or sales



Save time with automated summarization and extraction of key details

AI Guru

Real-time, intelligent support for users

AI Guru is your revolutionary internal assistant, designed to streamline user communications and boost productivity. AI Guru transforms how teams operate when interacting with customers, offering instant access to practical knowledge, advanced conversational capabilities, and unparalleled support.

Allow agents to handle a wider range of queries

AI Guru analyses complex queries and questions during interactions, providing users with accurate answers to fulfil customer requests.

Precise data at lightning speed

AI Guru seamlessly integrates with your knowledge base, providing instant access to relevant and accurate information.

Learn and adapt through your personalized model

By learning and adapting through your personalized model, AI Guru evolves with your business needs and customer expectations, providing personalized and efficient support.

Dynamic guidance in real-time

Enhance agent performance by offering instant access to accurate answers and contextually relevant information. AI Guru analyses complex queries and delivers precise answers quickly and efficiently, reducing the time agents spend searching for information.

Knowledge base recommendations

AI Guru quickly accesses your knowledge base to provide agents with precise answers and contextually relevant article suggestions, ensuring smooth interactions and faster completion times.

Industry-Leading AI Support

Advantages of AI Guru:


  • Cost-Effective

    AI Guru reduces agent training time and costs, provides instant access to company knowledge, ensures immediate productivity, and leads to faster ROI.


  • Live Support

    Provide fast, comprehensive user support without heavy reliance on extensive training and managerial oversight, allowing experienced staff to focus on complex tasks and strategic initiatives.


  • Boost Satisfaction

    Decrease response times, ensure accurate and immediate answers, and achieve more satisfying customer interactions.


  • Advanced AI algorithms

    Seamlessly integrate with your knowledge base, providing precise answers within seconds, reducing distractions and administrative time, and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity for agents handling a wide range of queries.


  • Dynamic Guidance in Real-Time

    Real-time call transcripts offer immediate written records of customer interactions, facilitating swift analysis and issue resolution, while real-time coaching amplifies responsiveness and customer satisfaction with quick referencing and accurate responses.

"Our ability to use Connex reporting to make sure that we're monitoring channels in real time, and making staffing adjustments as quickly as possible, drives satisfaction for a lot of our customer-driven companies.”

Leo Lopez

CEO | Calltastic

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