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The future is calling

Whether you want to increase call volume or nurture customer journeys, Connex’s dialer software will take your outbound customer interactions to the next level.


Pair up your teams with sophisticated call algorithms to make more, better targeted calls. Reduce wait times, deploy big SQL campaigns, and use our predictive dialer to see an instant boost in sales revenue.

Benefits of Dialer



Increased workforce efficiency, which you can monitor in real time



Faster speed to lead and conversion rates



Run multiple campaigns simultaneously whilst meeting Ofcom Compliance



Full suite of dialing features for modern business

Connex Dialer

It’s your call

Make more calls, initiate more leads, and get more conversions with our range of telephony features.


Deploy big SQL dial campaigns fueled by intelligent data management tools to reach more customers. You can also set up personalized customer care calls with optimized call pacing.

Auto Dial

Connect with your customers swiftly. Our enterprise auto dialer system analyzes your data, automatically connecting customers to available users to maximize your workforce productivity.

Click To Dial

Make every call count. Provide your team with background interaction history through intuitive CRM API technology to make educated, personalized, targeted calls.

Preview Dial

Use your assets wisely. Connex Preview Dial utilizes campaign optimization features to assign realistic targets to users, ensuring they balance call volume with quality customer service.

Predictive Dial

Continually optimize your outbound call rate with clever predictive dialer call routing.

SQL Connect

Build interactive SQL campaigns to manage and filter outbound call strategies. Specify the weight and priority of each rule and use drop in/out times to connect with data at specified times of the day.

Dial By Your Own Rules

Phone lines – simplified

  • Intelligent call routing options, including conferencing, voicemail and IVR/ACD
  • Skill based routing and bespoke data rules
  • Full data management
  • WebRTC technology with SIP Compliance as standard

“Within 2 weeks of using Connex dialer features, we transitioned from handling 3,000 calls a day to 10,000. That’s a 233.3% productivity increase.”

Rachel Ashton

Customer Service Manager

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