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AI Analytics


Harness the power of AI in procuring unmatched customer insights. Athena AI Analytics performs deep interaction analysis so you can make confident, data-driven decisions.

Benefits of AI Analytics



Make confident, data-driven decisions

AI Made Easy

AI Made Easy

Utilize AI-powered tools like Keyword and sentiment analysis to streamline your analytical foresight



Boost productivity and efficiency with accurate forecasts

Customer Insight

Customer Insight

Reliably predict and respond to customer needs

AI Analytics

Intelligent insights to power your business

Leverage AI-transcribed analytics to gain a comprehensive view of customer support across all channels, encompassing both voice and digital interactions. AI Analytics conveniently summarizes interactions, providing insights on sentiment, key phrases, and data capture, allowing for meaningful reviews and informed predictions.


By delving into customer interactions, underlying issues can be addressed more effectively. This powerful tool enhances forecasting accuracy, optimizes resource allocation, and improves operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with other Connex modules, AI Analytics empowers leaders with data-driven insights to refine strategies, enhance decision-making, and streamline business processes.

Automated interaction summarization

AI Analytics conveniently connects with your existing Connex modules, allowing you to extract useful insights from interaction summaries without having to perform the analytical chore of interpreting meaning across multiple conversations.

Topic-based modelling

Topic-based modelling allows you to group and segment interactions by similar characteristics, and specific time periods, promoting greater organization and better understanding of your customer interaction data.

Sentiment analysis

Athena AI assesses customer sentiment to help you understand what is at the heart of customer satisfaction.

Keyphrase analysis

Review the most popular keywords and phrases in your interactions to spot industry trends and understand the meaning of your conversations.

Entity recognition

Allow AI Analytics to identify and classify the most important elements within conversations to transform unstructured data into actionable information. Utilize entity recognition insights to improve data analysis, automate your processes, and provide better customer experiences.

PII Identification and redaction

Never worry about security and compliance, with astute identification and redaction of PII from Athena AI Analytics, allowing you to collate and interpret reporting without the risk of critical customer data being compromised.

Transforming analysis

Advantages of AI Analytics:


  • Deeper understanding

    Better understand and predict customer sentiment, wants and needs

  • Instant insights

    Integration with AI Analytics provides effortless and rapid access to insights and reports, facilitating swift decision-making

  • Topical data packaging

    Data insights built with your business in mind, linking and presenting information for you

"Sentiment analysis and Quality AI derive deep levels of insight from our customers and add real value. The core element our clients ask for is insight - and we have that in spades."

Craig Winnard

Group Commercial Director | Intelling

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