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AI Voice


Foster humanistic interactions across any channel, improving your communication and overall customer satisfaction with intelligent text-to-speech assistance from Athena AI Voice.

Benefits of Athena AI Voice

No code

No code

No code needed. Drag-and-drop elements to build even the most complex of workflows



Build using both digital and voice-based input



Promotes customer self-service to speed up interaction resolution time



Reduces repetitive task workloads, enabling agents to concentrate on more meaningful interactions

AI Voice

Tailored communication that represents your brand

With sophisticated linguistic programming tailored to your brand’s tone of voice, formality, and language requirements, Athena AI’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech-to-Text (STT) solutions seamlessly integrate with your business. By creating authentic AI voices that match or enhance your brand identity,
Athena AI ensures consistent and engaging customer interactions. Athena AI Text-To-Speech offers a range of configurations, enabling you to build a voice that represents your brand’s unique characteristics, helping to strengthen brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

Automate your customer service needs

Combine historic insights with carefully crafted speech patterns and sensibilities to represent your company with AI voice interactions based on expected inquiries, freeing up vital human resources.

Instant brand recognition across digital channels

Effortlessly converse through TTS functionality with impressive precision options, to craft a customer-facing tool that will represent your company with conversational traits synonymous with your brand. Configure tone of voice, formality, and even language complexity, to engage customers in a manner appropriate to them and to your business.

Multilingual capabilities and personalization

Communicate with a variety of customers via channels, languages and speech patterns most suited to them, boosting customer satisfaction.
Prime your Athena AI Agent for use at times that are conducive to providing the most personal level of support, fostering positive customer attitudes with your responsiveness.

Let your brand voice come alive

Advantages of Text-To-Speech:


  • Simplicity

    Easily scale AI Agents to handle varying call volumes without the need for additional staff, especially during peak times

  • Personal

    Select from both digital and voice-based input to maintain security and personalize interactions


  • Consistency

    Manage voice communication between AI agents and customers to ensure consistency in brand identity and levels of support

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Tika Solis

Call Center Manager | RISETEK Global

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