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Inbound and Outbound Social Strategy

Social Media is quickly becoming the spearhead for many modern businesses’ communication and lead-generation strategies. Whether you use Social Media for Sales, Marketing or Customer Service, leveraging AI and Flows will help consolidate all inbound and outbound questions into one central hub to ensure maximum global presence.

Social Media

Private messages and public posts

For customers on the go it’s important that you can keep up with the demand of modern life and communicate with them on their preferred channel, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram.


Easily send documents, files and links to your customers via social applications right to their mobile, tablet or desktop.


Manage your company’s page by monitoring comments, wall posts and orders, all API-integrated into Connex’s Omni AI interface.

Facebook Messenger

Utilize the world’s most popular social media messaging tool to reach more customers than ever before, automatically syncing ticketing directly into your omnichannel strategy.

Instagram And Twitter

Story reactions, direct messages, comments… unleash the full power of these social media giants into your Customer Journey.

WhatsApp And Telegram

Instantly make your business more accessible with two-way secure and encrypted messaging on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Social Media

Customer Journeys gone viral

  • Manage Inbound and Outbound messages, from targeting customers with bulk campaigns to answering individual queries.
  • Manage private messages, comments and quality control posts, all within one interface.
  • Synchronize message history and automatically store all conversation and transaction history.

"It's so important that we can capture every touchpoint with our customers; send messages and gentle reminders. There's automation features within Omni AI at Connex that has allowed our agents to give a service that puts us above the rest."

Sebastian Alexanderson


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