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[Webinar] Enhancing Agent Experience in the Era of AI

By Sean Fielding

Published 13 May 2024

Webinar Replay

Enhancing Agent Experience in the Era of AI

Welcome to Connex’s latest webinar recording, “Enhancing Contact Center Employee Experience in the Era of AI.”

In this insightful session, we delve into the top three factors propelling change in 2024 within the contact center landscape.

Click here to access webinar recording

Discover the transformative impact that AI and automation are having on the contact center employee experience, delving into its implications for customer loyalty, agent churn, and operational efficiency.

What you’ll learn in this session:

  1. How the contact center employee experience is evolving with AI and automation trends
  2. Implications for customer loyalty, satisfaction, and personalized interactions
  3. Strategies to reduce agent churn and create an engaging environment
  4. Actionable insights for optimizing operational efficiency and productivity

Access the webinar replay now to unlock valuable strategies for maximizing your contact center’s employee experience and driving unparalleled customer success.

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