WFM | Staff Management

Revolutionary team management

Keeping an eye on everyone

A better insight over your employees so you never have to micromanage. View your teams’ information to enable effective control over your day-to day.

Staff Management

In a nutshell

Manage your teams performance easily with staff management. Implement improvement charts, schedule holidays and more! Your staff management made easy with our customisable and simple to use platform.

Create distinct teams

Creating teams will help your manager assign duties tailored to a specific group

One click – holiday!

Quickly customise holiday entitlement and leave requests of your staff.

Set your teams’ skill

Set skill level of your team, and let Athena AI assign tasks with deep AI integrations.

A visibility over everything

Know your staff’s presence at all times for quick assignments and fewer delays

Staff? Managed.

Manage your staff efficiently

  • Colour coded performance indicators
  • See all staff holidays
  • Integrate with the rest of the platform for less administration tasks

"Everything we do in the business is about improving the customer journey and Connex has definetly improved productivity"

Paul Hall

Operations Director

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