Small Business Contact Centre Solutions

Build lasting customer relationships

Every interaction counts

Achieve top-of-the-line customer engagement without exceeding your company budget with Connex’s Omni AI platform and range of features.


Reach your customers anywhere, anytime, on any channel. Pair up with AI to save your agents’ time and allow them to focus on high value interactions.

Profitable communications

Faster access to the right people

See how Connex helped leading debt counselling company National Debt Advisors to:


  • Maximise sales with our intelligent SQL dialler
  • Earn a National “Best Debt Counseling” award
  • Reduce their team’s man-hours by 50%


Matching your business’ growth

Let us help you grow with our fully scalable CX plaform.

Handle more interactions, switch channels seamlessly, design campaigns that actually serve your needs, and scale them at will – and do it affordably.


Full visibility of your operations

Gain a 360-degree, real time view of all your campaigns and each and every interaction. Recognize strengths and shortcomings and use these insights to design your campaigns.


Communication made simple

Our platform’s interface is so intuitive that agents can learn to use it in less than a week. Give your agents the best tools to work with and reduce onboarding and training time.

“We want to spend less time calling the wrong people, more time calling the right people. And Connex allows you to do that.”

Sebastien Alexanderson

National Debt Advisors

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