Preview Dialler

Preview Dialler allows agents to decide when to dial, giving them time to review any relevant customer information, details, or background they might need to make for a quality conversation.



As you’ll see, this makes Preview Diallers especially useful for businesses that prioritise personalised and high-quality interactions with their customers.

Preview Dialler

In industries where quality Customer Experience is a value to foster, it’s vital to ensure that your outbound interactions are targeted, personal, and human. A Preview Dialler can help with that more than any other telephony feature. A Preview Dialler is a type of Dialler system that allows agents to review customer information before making calls, unlike other systems that automatically dial without prep time. This empowers agents to decide when to initiate calls, enhancing conversation quality.


As you probably already know and as we’ve explained in previous articles, there are multiple types of outbound diallers, and each of them can suit different types of businesses better than others. In this article, we’ll focus on Preview Dialler: what it is, how it works, why it is such a valuable tool within an outbound call centre phone system what makes it different from other Dialler types, what benefits it can bring to the table and what types of businesses or operations will benefit from using it.


What is a Preview Dialler?

You already know a Dialler is a software tool created to streamline the process of making outbound calls in contact centres or sales teams by automating the dialling of numbers from a contact list and smoothly connecting these calls to available agents prepared to provide assistance. You also probably know that there are many different types of Diallers and that their functional differences make each of them more or less apt for certain types of businesses or operations. But what about Preview Dialler?


In a nutshell, there is one essential difference between Preview Dialler and other types of dialling systems: with a preview dialler, agents can check out customer info and context before making a call. 


This differentiates Preview Diallers from other types of diallers like Auto Diallers, Predictive Diallers, or Progressive Diallers, which will automatically dial a new number without making time for the agent to prepare for a conversation, sometimes even before they finish a call. Unlike other types, where the system starts the call for them, a Preview Dialler allows agents to decide when to dial, giving them time to review any relevant customer information, details, or background they might need to make for a quality conversation.


This is how it works:


  • Customer Information Review: When an agent is ready to make a call, they use the preview dialler software to access relevant customer information. This information might include the customer’s name, contact details, previous interactions, purchase history, and any specific context or notes related to the customer.
  • Agent Decision: The key feature of a preview dialler is that it doesn’t automatically initiate the call. Instead, it gives the agent control. The agent reviews the customer information and context and decides whether it’s the right time to make the call.
  • Manual Dialling: If the agent decides to proceed with the call, they manually initiate the call by clicking a button or using a keyboard shortcut within the preview dialler software. This allows them to have full control over when the call is made.
  • Call Handling: Once the call is initiated, the agent interacts with the customer. They can use the customer information they reviewed earlier to personalise the conversation and address the customer’s needs or concerns effectively.
  • Post-Call Tasks: After the call, the agent can update customer records, add notes, and schedule follow-up actions within the preview dialler software for future reference.


A snippet of Connex's Preview Dialler feature
A snippet of Connex’s Preview Dialler feature


Benefits of Preview Dialler

Primarily, the point of a Preview Dialler is to ensure good standards of Customer Experience and personal, well-informed conversations between agents and customers. However, it doesn’t end there. Here are the main benefits Preview Dialler can bring to your outbound operations:


Enhanced Connectivity

A Preview Dialler serves as a bridge between customers and agents, minimising the occurrence of dropped calls. By allowing call centre agents to preview the recipient’s details in advance, it enables them to act on informed data rather than mere intuition, resulting in improved overall connectivity, fewer call disruptions, and increased successful conversions.


Personalised Conversations

When agents possess knowledge about their customers, it captures the customers’ attention and fosters trust and confidence. A preview dialler empowers agents with customer information, facilitating the establishment of a foundation for personalised conversations.


Improved Customer Support

Through the use of a preview dialler, agents can engage in personalised conversations, offer swift solutions to customer queries, and work with greater efficiency. This, in turn, elevates the quality of customer support provided.


Enhanced Outcomes

Positive outcomes are often linked to effective tools. In this context, an effective tool like 8×8’s auto dialler solution equips agents to close more deals, deliver interactive experiences, and provide tailor-made solutions in real-time. In summary, a proficient preview dialler boosts customer engagement and drives repeat business, resulting in a superior outcome.


Cost Reduction

The clarity offered by a preview dialler assists outbound call agents in executing tasks swiftly and efficiently, resulting in both time and cost savings. As a cost-effective measure that enhances agent productivity, the preview dialler acts as a catalyst in delivering exceptional customer support.


What types of businesses can benefit from Preview Dialler?

Preview diallers come with both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, they facilitate highly personalised interactions. Agents can utilise pre-call information to craft customised scripts or responses, enhancing the quality of communication and resulting in improved customer experiences. With a preview dialler, the agent retains complete control over when to initiate a call, enabling a comprehensive review of customer history and context.


However, there are also drawbacks. Preview diallers may be slower in making calls compared to predictive or progressive diallers, potentially leading to a lower call volume. This reduced call volume may not be suitable for businesses with high call volume requirements. Additionally, it places greater responsibility on agents to effectively manage their time, as they must decide when to initiate calls, which can be challenging, especially during peak periods.


Businesses that can benefit from the use of preview diallers are those that prioritise personalised and high-quality interactions with their customers. This applies to industries like B2B sales, where a deep understanding of customer needs is essential, or in customer support scenarios that demand a thorough grasp of the caller’s history and concerns.


Additionally, appointment setting businesses, real estate services, insurance, and even nonprofit organisations can enhance their outreach strategies by incorporating preview diallers to foster stronger connections with prospective clients, customers, donors, or supporters. In essence, any business that places importance on data-driven, customised customer interactions and aims to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their outbound calls can find value in adopting a preview dialler in their operations.



In conclusion, the Preview Dialler emerges as a pivotal tool for businesses committed to prioritizing high-quality conversations with their customers. Through its distinctive capacity to initiate calls seamlessly without agent intervention, this technology significantly enhances efficiency, particularly in environments with substantial call volumes, such as call centers and expansive outbound campaigns.


If you want to know more about other types of Dialler solutions or the multiple tools you can use to improve your connection with your customers, you can speak to one of our representatives. Our Omnichannel platform incorporates fully customizable Dialler features, accompanied by an extensive range of functionalities designed to elevate your customer engagement. Reach out to us for more information or to schedule a complimentary, personalized demonstration session!


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