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Fast rewards, with rules

How you want to reward is totally up to you

Set the rules for how your agents will be rewarded. Have a campaign coming up? Then set a rule to push agent engagement and see performance increase. Set streaks to maintain that consistency.

Rules Engine

In a nutshell

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Easily set & manage your game rules

Our canvas area is designed to allow easy creation & editing of rules that give you ultimate control.

Reward a specification

Want to push a campaign? Then easily set a reward structure around it to push agent engagement and increase performance.

Set Streaks!

Keep the performace and engagement going by setting streaks. Consistency is key.

Don’t make me get the ban hammer.

Set custom rules for your platform

  • Streaks will add bonuses to the best performing staff
  • Add a structure to push incentives to staff
  • Rules easily managed in one simple platform

"We're most excited about the level of service that we've gotten. That it's so personal, that is not only just the technology, it's also about the human connection."

Bonnie Carrol


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