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Is your business ready for Artificial Intelligence?

By Kayleigh Reid

Published 6 January 2020

5 tips to ensure a smooth onboarding process and a high success rate.

In a world of instant messengers, Amazon Prime and Uber Eats, the digital user knows what they want, and they want it right now.

The dawn of a new culture of impatience has ushered in an age of technology designed to keep up with modern life. Your users will expect both instant replies and a personalised service. So how can you give it to them? Innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

With legacy systems labouring to keep up with the speed of the modern customer, the introduction of AI into contact centres has allowed Customer Services, Support and Sales departments to retain the higher ground when dealing with the influx of users seeking instant remedies.

Adopting AI strategies allows your business to connect the dots between data points and people, opening up new ways of communication and providing information. Whether it’s improving the customer journey through data syncing to give a personalised customer experience, or providing powerful data tool such as analysis of use and acquisition, businesses embracing AI are already noticing the difference in their service offering and improving their customer satisfaction rating.

Ready to adopt AI into your business? Here’s our tips for you to ensure success:

  1. Prep your data. Ensure it’s GDPR compliant and all relevant departments are using the same consolidated platform to limit leakage. Taking the example of Live Chat, the more information consolidated from the user’s journey so far, the easier it will be for a Support Engineer to pick up if all the account data is in one CRM platform.
  2. Set enough time aside for training. Tech is continually advancing and updating, ensure everyone is fully confident on the software before you roll it out. Remember that different people learn in different ways and different departments have different priorities. With this in mind, try to have multiple ways of learning available, whether that’s training sessions, tutorial guides, videos or someone they can contact if they get stuck.
  3. Check on the quality. Data analytics (including call recording) along with management information statistics can be used to help you improve your service. Within Live Chat, you can import scripting with the ability for the agents to add their own messaging. You want to ensure the quality control measures are being adhered to whilst maintaining the flexibility for your agents to give the human touch.
  4. Don’t be afraid of change. Often the process you scoped out at the planning stage doesn’t truly reflect the business needs or in practice, the agents might find an alternative method. Be flexible. Let your people feel listened to and be prepared to adapt your processes to suit the most efficient ways of working that will deliver your customers the best service.
  5. Security is vital when working with data, be sure to choose a provider with industry accreditations and compliant to the standard protocols.

To find out more about how AI and data can improve your business offering, get in touch with one of our tech’sperts here:


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