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Athena AI’s Interaction Analytics equips businesses with detailed insights into customer conversations to drive quality service at every touch point of the customer journey. See vast improvements to customer satisfaction scores with feedback on every single interaction and instantly flag areas for training or improvement.
With powerful reporting at your disposal, your business will be able to pinpoint trends and pivot strategy in real-time to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Benefits of Interaction Analytics



Provides a transcription of a call recording (mono or stereo)



Scores on handling customer interactions for politeness and Quality AI



Derives sentiment criteria from customers and users to produce accurate CSAT ratings



Provides insight into conversation by extracting keyphrases

Interaction Analytics

Performance enhancing AI

Have you always wanted to score 100% of your interactions? Instantly flag exemplary service to be utilised in training or mark areas for improvement. Deploy Athena AI alongside your Assessment Teams to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Keyphrase Analysis

Discover which phrases and sentences are used the most during customer interactions to understand what they care about most.

Sentiment Analysis

See how well your users handle customer interactions with our sophisticated Sentiment Analysis tool.

Entity Recognition

Extract data on Products, Brands, Times and Monetary Values. Understand which utterances are most common to identify trends in consumer behaviour.

Interaction Clustering

Need to group interactions with a similar theme? Use our Interaction Clustering feature to generate datasets for even more complex analysis.

AI-driven Analysis

Improve your interactions with Athena AI Analytics

  • Highly advanced keyphrase analysis with word cloud display features.
  • Drive CSAT scores with a holistic view of every conversation and of what your customers want the most.
  • Save your business time and money with automated transcription services for all your calls.

"Connex is an excellent platform that allows us to provide omnichannel engagement and use reporting at a strategic level."

Damien Moodley


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