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SMS for fast on-the-go messaging

Instantly interact with your customers on the devices they use most often: their phones. SMS generates up to 800% higher customer engagement rates than email marketing. Stop worrying about lengthy and costly phone calls and reach your customers anywhere, anytime, right away.

Benefits of SMS



Build complex SMS customer journeys with ease using Flow

Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging

Communicate with billions using bulk automation for SMS

Athena AI

Athena AI

Ensure your experts get the right interactions at the right time


Customers’ Choice in 2023

In 2023, SMS is the preferred channel for customers to engage with businesses and organisations. Personalise your messages to match your customers’ needs and get higher engagement and satisfaction rates.

Fast Messaging, Faster Outcomes

Respond to thousands of inbound messages simultaneously. Solve your customer’s queries faster and invest your staff’s time wisely.

More Effective Campaigns

Customers are 10 times more likely to click on a link sent via SMS than to one sent via email. Maximise your reach and multiply your leads by sending thousands of SMS messages at once.

SLA Driven Communication

Assign custom SLAs for messages received via SMS to ensure all queries are responded to promptly.

Boost Your CSat

Collect customer feedback in record time. Deploy simple and interactive satisfaction surveys via SMS and instantly learn how to improve your processes.

SMS Connection

Easy integration and consistent interactions

  • Expand your reach. Keep your customers updated on offers, promotions or appointments.
  • Scale up seamlessly to suit your business needs.
  • Integrate SMS communications with all channels and adapt to your customers communication preferences with ease.
  • Let AI handle it. Seamlessly integrate Athena AI’s chatbot alongside your teams to maximise workforce efficiency.

"Everything we do in the business is about improving the customer journey and Connex has definitely improved productivity."

Paul Hall

Operations Director

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