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Provide agile customer care on the world’s most popular messaging app


Futureproof customer-centric journeys

In this fast paced digital world, the variety of communication options are endless. Connect  with up to 2 billion global WhatsApp users and make your business instantly more accessible.


WhatsApp for Business API is seamlessly integrated into the Connex Omni AI tech stack. Now you can scale audience engagement, accelerate sales, and provide fast, personal customer care with on-the-go two-way conversations.


Benefits of WhatsApp



Personalised experiences with secure encrypted messages



Targeted outbound campaigns with approved templates



Use AI to reduce traffic and improve response times

Increased Visibility

Make your messaging convenient for customers

Adding WhatsApp to your customer engagement strategy will instantly make your business more accessible. Attach any type of file; from documents to images or videos, and make communication with your customers easier. Deliver consistent customer care and see aggressive growth results in a matter of days.


Secure Global Messaging

Secure and encrypted messaging that allows you to see each customer’s full interaction history, manage SLAs, and much more, all without interrupting the conversation.


Integrate With Existing CX

Connex enables seamless data flow between encrypted WhatsApp chats and existing CRM, API, and Business Communications integrations.

Let AI Handle It

Mitigate high volume inbound support requests with automated self-service conversational flows.



WhatsApp For Your Business

Increase your productivity

  • Receive full interaction history alongside tickets.
  • Implement smart routing from conversations when user support is needed.
  • Collaborate with teams and escalate tickets with SLA tracking.
  • Increase accessibility to customers and reach more than 2 Billion global users.


"We've been able to reach a wider audience than ever before and tap into a new younger market by adding WhatsApp and Social media platforms into our Connex Omni AI strategy."

Ola Spencer

Group Operations Director

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