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Next generation email management

Upgrade the way you email your customers. Connex’s interface will provide your team with detailed, actionable information about each interaction; from SLA resolution times to private notes left by their colleagues during past conversations.


AI will prompt canned responses for FAQs and enable your team to reply to more emails ever faster. Empowering email tools boost resolution times on repetitive questions and allow your teams to focus their skills on solving more complex queries.

Benefits of Email



Personailsed styling adhering to brand guidelines



Build complex bulk campaigns or bespoke individual replies



Detailed reports on adherence to SLAs and spot customer trends



Secured data storage, payment details and customer infomation

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Automate your email campaigns

Easily send Emails to a targeted individual or to an entire database with Connex. Provide visibility at every layer with the ability to manage and escalate emails with SLA timers and prioritisation features
Users also have access to private notes left by their teammates and a comprehensive view of Customer Interaction history, you can ensure your teams stay one step ahead in every conversation.



Add Attachments

PDF invoices, bills or images, send attachments to your customers and record documentation with clever CRM integrations.


Swift Email Assignment

Once integrated, email connectors can be added to inbound queues, delivered straight to your contact centre.


Proactive Technology

Skill-based routing automatically directs queries to the team best suited to handle it. With our advanced inbound queue distribution, you can prioritise whatever skill you require, from language to availability or live performance metrics.


Always Connected

Email communication with your customers


  • Sort and manage multiple accounts and organise your Emails with folders and tags
  • Combine with Flow for a powerful automation emailing tool
  • Lower customer churn rate with SLA management and skill-based routing technology




"With Connex we use Emails and Text messaging which is an integral part of our customer experience to have individual conversations. We're able to increase productivity by 20% and understand how we increase operational efficiencies."

Ola Spencer

Group Operations Director

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