Omni AI | Flow

Visualise your end-to-end customer journey

Treat every customer like a VIP

You can easily design each and every step of the customer’s journey without writing one line of code. Seamlessly switch channels, sort enquiries, and build experiences that are so proactive and convenient every customer will feel like a VIP.

Benefits of Flow



Visualise your customer journey



Decrease in admin time with Flow Automation



Build complex solutions with intergration features


More than just call configuration

Automating workload has never been easier. Build infinite customer journeys with simple to use drag and drop components within Flows. Send a follow-up SMS, build IVRs with advanced speech recognition or capture contact details with ease.

Put The AI In Campaign

Let Athena AI send questions via Live Chat and route customers to the right expert based on their responses.

Build Satisfying Journeys

Create follow-up Flows to automate aftercare, design smooth and satisfying customer journeys and see your CSat scores go up.


The starting point of all Flows. They includes channel types, outcomes and the time elapsed from last interaction.

Condition Node

Configure and group granular data criteria to enable your Flows to branch off in different directions


The destination of your customer journey. Automate and action users’ tasks to maximise workforce efficiency

Go With The Flow

Customer journeys visualised

  • Seamlessly integrate Athena AI so users can focus on high value interactions
  • Infinite layers of complexity to suit your needs
  • Integrate your full Omni AI suite

"With Omni AI, having everything in one place is great - its cut man hours down by half, our profits have increased over 30%."

Sebastian Alexanderson


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