Athena AI | Automatic Speech Recognition

Intelligent self-service IVRs


Unparalleled speech recognition accuracy

Power up inbound calls with AI Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to service customers’ queries and route interactions to the person most skilled to handle the call. Whether you use digit-based or voice inputs, our proactive AI self-service features vastly reduce wait times and make for a smoother, more agile customer journey.

Benefits of ASR IVR

No code

No code

No code needed, drag and drop to build even the most complex of workflow



Build using both digital and voice based input



Customer self-service speeds up interaction resolution time



Reduces workload from repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on the more meaningful interactions

Speech Recognition

Recognise and reward quality interactions

With intricate scoring metrics, transcription services and AI Speech analytics; Connex’s Quality AI offers deeper layers of user analysis and customer understanding than ever before. Score your teams on politeness, tone, attempts to upsell and more to ensure they always give the enterprise level of service your customers deserve.




Build Automated IVR Menu

Use the Athena AI system to route to any destination in your contact centre.


Monitor Customer Satisfaction

Understand the real-time sentiment of your customer base.


Analyse AI Performance

Use reporting tools to get feedback on how well your IVR handles interactions.


Speech Recognition

Connect with your customers on every level

  • Build comprehensive IVR menus with simple to use drag-and-drop widgets
  • Select from both digit and voice-based input to allow for highly secure and personalised interactions
  • Combine with the Quality AI tools to gain insights and ensure a high standard of quality throughout every interaction




"Connex is an excellent platform that allows us to provide omnichannel engagement and use reporting at a strategic level."

Damien Moodley


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