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At Connex, we’ve made it our mission to make integrating our platform as user-friendly as possible. Select from 100s of popular apps in our Marketplace, or build custom routines to suit whatever workflow you want. Enjoy our no-hassle approach to integrations, whether you’re taking payments or managing projects.

Benefits of Integrations



Achieve end-to-end visibility of your business processes



Improved data accessibility and consistency between records in different software



Automate your processes and save time with integrations


Select, set up and synchronise

Want to automatically update customer records after an interaction in your CRM? With Connex’s Marketplace, you can seamlessly connect your customer engagement platform to a variety of external software solutions. Integrations are simple to set up with a few clicks and will instantly add value with a reduction of admin time and enhanced visibility.

CRM Integration

Use data from a contact or an interaction to automatically update records in real time.

Go further with Routines

Select from variable triggers to build and send custom payloads to any desired endpoint.

Cross-channel compatibility with CTI Toolbar

Use our computer telephony integration (CTI) tool bar and get the full range of Connex Omni AI features and interact with each record from within your CRM.

Plug And Play

Powerful integrations

  • Easily setup and connect to multiple Apps within the Marketplace
  • Advanced customisation options for customers who need a bespoke approach
  • Simple “plug-and-play” set up in the Connex platform
  • Streamlined data with advanced overview of business operations and customer journey

"Connex did a fantastic job to integrate the system in a very complicated network for 1000s of users... kudos to Connex!"

Jan Marais


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