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We understand the importance of a voice


Intelligent inbound routing

Let your voice be heard. Our state of the art dialler and VoIP technology allows your customers to connect with the right people at the right time.


Service larger volumes of customers and maximise CSAT scores. Reduce wait times, enable self-service IVR and automatically log all interactions within your CRM for one seamless customer experience.


Benefits of Inbound Voice



Intelligent call routing, monitoring and recording



Improve the customer’s journey and measure Customer Satisfaction




Easily scalable with management of higher call volumes



Route to the right person everytime

Power up inbound voice calls with AI Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to service customer’s queries and route them to the best suited User for faster resolution times. Our dialling features vastly reduce wait times and make for a smoother, more agile customer journey.




Route Calls The Smart Way

Save callers and users’ time, create a smoother customer experience, and place your resources where they are most useful.


Proactive Technology

Leverage powerful algorithms to reduce wait time between calls and make it easier for your team to speak to available customers.


Athena AI ASR

From language to keywords, our Athena AI ASR node is trained to adopt any criteria you need to service inbound calls.





Deliver seamless inbound calls

  • Personalise how you route your calls to users
  • Gain insights for inbound optimisation with a real time view of all interactions
  • Reduce waiting times and service a larger volume of calls


"It's the best dialler system that I have ever used. I can't speak highly enough of the product and the people behind the scenes as well, and how clear everything is."

Donna Andrews

Dialler Manager

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