Nonprofit Contact Centre Solutions

Provide seamless 24/7 human care and support

Be there when it matters most

Let us help you help more people. Provide around the clock, seamless, human care and support to those who really need it, with 100% uptime.


Engage with more donors through the channels of their choice and build long-term relationships, all the while staying fully PCI DSS compliant.

Dependable support

Become a leading provider

See how Connex aided TAPS, an American nonprofit organisation that specialises in providing support to veterans and the families of fallen soldiers, to:


  • Set up a 24/7 national survivor helpline in two weeks.
  • Maintain 100% uptime.
  • Increase visibility and offer personalised, human, immediate assistance.


Unbeatable reliability

Guarantee 100% uptime, anytime, anywhere. Our support team and resilient systems will ensure that you stay present in your community members’ lives, process thousands of interactions every day, and deliver high-speed performance and reliability.


Unwavering data privacy

Your data security is our number one mission. Our systems are subjected to rigorous auditing to ensure high standards of security and robust data protection.


Omni AI availability

Be available across all channels, let your agents switch between them depending on the caller’s needs, see who’s reaching out and their full interaction history and details, and set up sophisticated flows to sort calls.

"We're most excited about the level of service that we've gotten. That it's so personal, that is not only just the technology, it's also about the human connection."

Bonnie Carroll


Want to know more?

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