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Auto-Filter your interactions by Entity, looking for products, organisations, value and time, to create actionable insights with Entity Recognition powered by Athena AI. Gain helpful insights into Entity Trends.



Entity Recognition

In a nutshell

Find and rank brand names, products, currencies and much more with our beginner-friendly approach to entity recognition.





Entity Search

Automatically filter and sort all interactions using relevant keyphrases mentioned within call transcripts.



Custom Categories

Utilise Entity Categories to automatically log, sort and filter mentions of key phrases and create actionable insights for your teams.



Entity Recognition

Recognise the potential

  • Search for known interactions in the system
  • Custom categories to sort keyphrases and sentiments
  • Ranking system for a clear display of data






"Connex is an excellent platform that allows us to provide omnichannel engagement and use reporting at a strategic level."

Damien Moodley


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