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8 things to look out for when choosing a customer engagement platform

By Kayleigh Reid

Published 20 January 2020

Searching for a new Customer Engagement Platform can be a tiring task. You might be experiencing problems with your current provider that you need to urgently solve, you might be under pressure from other departments to implement a new solution fast. You could have a backlog of customers waiting for responses and you need to balance sifting through a list of potential suppliers with rest of your day job!

However, onboarding a Customer Engagement Platform isn’t something to rush. You need to ensure that it’s the right fit for your business and can be smoothly onboarded with minimal disruption.

From telephony to tele-fun-y

Luckily, the Connex tech experts have put together a marvellous list to help you find the systems and services that can make your job more fun.

1. Can you get a free trial? Customer Engagement Platforms aren’t just a dialler solution. They’re powerful platforms that consolidate all incoming communications into one place while also enabling you to make targeted outbound campaigns. The system has to be right for your business’ KPIs, which is why it’s more important than ever to take up a free trial and ensure the system is right for you before you fully commit.

2. Look for hidden costs. Sure, the price per seat is low, but does the solution you’ve got your eye on charge for set up, training, installation, hosting, calls or continued support? Ask to see a full list of costs first to avoid getting stung down the line.

3. Is it secure? GDPR is has been top of everyone’s tick list since 2018, but when it comes to investing in a system to hold your client’s data, you really have to ensure the company you’re partnering with is compliant. Cloud storage solutions are quickly becoming recognised as the most secure way to hold data, look out for government accreditations and ISO compliances as safeguarding metrics when choosing a platform.

4. Look out for API technology, the last thing you need is yet another system to duplicate work and take up your expert’s time on pointless admin! You need a system that works for you and fully integrates with existing software, check for CRM, billing and ticketing integration. A Customer Engagement Platform will help many departments, so you need to ensure its right for everyone.

5. Is it scalable? You need to know that the system you invest in now can grow with your business. If you open a new office overseas, can you still have everyone on the same platform? Is there a maximum number of licenses that you can have? Futureproof your business’ growth plans with a flexible platform that can grow with you.

6. Does it provide data insights? Multiple users generating thousands of transactions per day will generate lots of data, and data is key understanding what powers your business. Not only can data provide insights into productively such as average pick up times, it can also help pinpoint where and when your business experiences the most success so that you can replicate it. The right system will not only tell you these figures but analyse them to spot trends and help guide future decisions. Some platforms also offer Gamify elements which can inject a little healthy competition between staff. This method has already been proven to increase sales by 33% for one of our customers.

7. Have the right support and training processes ready so you can confidently roll the solution out to the entire business with minimal downtime. Some teams will need to know the system inside out and others will just need topline information. Be sure that your new solution has a setup, installation and training plan to suit your timeframes and business needs.

8. Built to support your clients, but will it support you? If your agents have trouble with the system, you need to know that they can get solutions fast. Imagine if your out of hours team has issues logging in, you want to ensure that you can rely on your partnering Customer Engagement Platform’s support team to help get them back online as soon as possible. Look out for 24/7 human support, not a bot or an FAQ page.

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