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The hidden profitability of CX wellbeing

By Tanika Marais

Published 4 June 2021

Over the last year, it is no surprise to anyone that the way of working has dramatically changed, and companies have had to adapt by increasing their digital presence.

Cloud-based technology has not only had a positive effect on keeping the workforce operating by allowing for remote work and the opportunity to maintain high levels of security, but it has managed to assist organisations to overcome various shortfalls and increase productivity.

The real challenge has been to keep our workforce feeling connected and engaged, but equally motivated to maintain and improve performance. Connex’s customer engagement platform has witnessed incredible results from customers increasing overall performance by up to 233%.

We speak to Connex’s CEO and founder, Nick Mealey on the hidden profitability of CX wellbeing and how some companies have experienced a 233% increase in productivity

Through all the disruption to workforce models over the last year, what has defined the organisations which have thrived?

Organisations that have excelled through the pandemic have been those which have adopted a cloud-based work solution that keeps customers and employees happy and engaged while ensuring both quality and security remains a high priority.


Being scalable and adaptable has been incredibly important, but organisations that were not cloud-based struggled to achieve these attributes when employees started working from home during the lockdown.

The future of work will rely heavily on technology that transcends the increase in volumes of digital-based interactions and can provide a true understanding of customer intention and satisfaction, ensuring companies can adapt and thrive in an evolving market.

What will great customer engagement look like in the post-pandemic world of work?

In an age of instant gratification, users demand good quality and prompt customer service, or they go elsewhere. Customer retention and nurture is the pinnacle for any organisation, particularly in a sales or support environment. Connex innovations such as Athena AI Interaction & Sentiment AI Analysis provide an accurate measurement for CSAT scores, as well as providing businesses with visibility on staff politeness and opportunities to upsell through key phrase analysis and entity recognition.

Most consumers want to be able to communicate across various platforms, whilst achieving a prompt resolution to their query. An omnichannel solution facilitates just that: communication over multiple channels including email, WhatsApp, live chat, and voice.

With all communication integrated into one singular place, it makes it easier for the customer service operator to pick up directly from where they last left off. Whatsmore, by opening up different inbound channels for communication, companies are afforded insights into demographical preferences which can positively impact the success rate of future campaigns.

What role will artificial intelligence play in maintaining strong customer engagement?

AI is becoming increasingly important for customer engagement strategies, especially for monitoring customer satisfaction on interactions. This enables businesses to understand why they are losing or gaining customers through detailed interaction and sentiment analysis, and ensuring agents follow mandatory process flows.

AI-based skills routing also plays a key role, allowing customers to quickly and seamlessly reach agents that are best skilled and suited for their needs, saving time and frustration. Chatbots can streamline customer support, allowing for quick answers or transferring to an agent for more complicated inquiries.

How is Connex helping companies achieve these customer and employee benefits?

Connex is a new age omnichannel platform, facilitating smooth customer journeys with clever API routing through a secure and compliant Omni AI engine, whilst retaining that personal touch. New features mean that customer-centric organisations can balance pace with peace of mind as they can engage with multiple tickets at once in a controlled, managed, and most importantly; user friendly way.

Gamify is a breath of fresh air in terms of employee engagement. In a traditionally high-pressure world of customer service, Gamify turns the stick into a carrot and empowers individuals to become self-motivated to achieve targets. Sales and Customer Service teams facilitate high volumes of interactions which demands constant top-of-your-game performance for every single interaction.

By creating fun, engaging challenges that incentivises positive behaviours, our clients see an instant increase in productivity and staff retention. Our customers have seen a 35% average saving when switching to our platform.

One of our financial services clients were able to boost their productivity by 233% after adopting Gamify, driving over £1 billion of revenue. Equally, Gamify is a strong tool for companies to ascertain their team’s wellbeing, identifying when agents might be struggling and allowing managers or team members to reach out and offer support.

A simple “are you ok?” can change a life, and it’s important for employees to feel that they are part of a team, even if they are apart. Through our powerful next generation technology, we can give companies the capabilities they need to revolutionise their customer engagement strategy.

This ripples positivity throughout the business, impacting everything from their internal teams, to CSAT scores, to the bottom line.

To read the full ‘Future of Work‘ report by Raconteur and The Times, featuring insights from Connex click the image below.




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