Senior TTS / Speech Synthesis Researcher

Role: TTS Speech Synthesis Researcher
Location: Manchester, UK (3 days in the office)
Function: Algorithmic Modelling TTS

We’re looking to make significant strides in the world of text-to-speech, and we are looking for an exceptional individual to lead the TTS team. You will establish and spearhead the TTS function from scratch, focusing on building state-of-the-art deep learning models. These models are destined for widespread implementation across four continents, introducing the exciting challenge of accommodating diverse languages, accents, and dialects.

As the inaugural member of our TTS team, you’ll play a central role in shaping the team’s identity and trajectory. We also plan to expand the team by bringing on two more members within the current year.

The role

You will spearhead the research and development of our algorithmic TTS & speech synthesis models. You will work closely with the Speech lead and Director of AI, generating ideas to build the next generation of Machine Learning Speech Synthesis models from Scratch.

About us

We are a multi-award-winning Omni AI SaaS organisation on a mission to boost productivity, improve customer service, and increase efficiency across various industries. Based in Manchester, UK, our influence spans five continents, with offices in Barcelona, Miami, Melbourne, and South Africa, and we’re not done yet- we’re still growing rapidly and consistently.

Why join us?

  • This is a unique opportunity to pioneer and push the boundaries of TTS and speech synthesis at Connex and in the broader industry.
  • Create your own algorithms and influence how humanlike we can make our Models.
  • You will help us push the boundaries of how AI communicates with customers.
  • You will be building cutting-edge, production-ready speech synthesis models.
  • You will keep in touch with the latest advancements in Machine Learning and TTS
  • You will become a key player in a collaborative team that thrives on solving complex problems.
  • You will join us in a rapidly expanding team, enjoying excellent career progression opportunities.
  • You will use cutting-edge technology within a team committed to using the best tools and technology for the solution.

Who is right for the role?

  • You will have over 2 years of hands-on experience in building algorithmic Speech Synthesis Models
  • You can be in Manchester 3 days per week.
  • You will possess an MSc or PhD in Speech & Signal Processing, Computational Linguistics, Computer Science, Data Science, or a related field.
  • You will strongly understand speech and language processing, including phonetics, speech synthesis, recognition, natural language generation, and machine translation.
  • You will be capable of undertaking tasks and conducting independent research with minimal direct supervision.
  • You will have Python coding proficiency.
  • You will have a genuine enthusiasm for Text-to-Speech
  • You’ll find yourself at home in a collaborative environment where sharing your insights on the latest developments and research papers is strongly encouraged.

If you’re excited about working with the latest TTS technologies, apply above or connect with our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Lewis Bickerton,

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